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A free, open source version of Imperium Galactica


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Open Imperium Galactica (Open-IG) is an open source reimplementation of the classic Digital Reality game Imperium Galactica, one of the most popular 4X strategy games of the 90s. The project automatically downloads all of the files that it needs to run, which means that you don't have to have the original game in order to play this one.

Like in all games of its genre, your objective in Open Imperium Galactica is to expand your civilization, exploit all resources within reach, explore the universe, and of course exterminate enemies of your civilization... of which there are many.

Keeping track of all the elements at play in Open Imperium Galactica is hard work. The game has dozens of different menus that you need to navigate to manage the different aspects of your empire. Everything from the small details of your different intergalactic colonies to command of your army is in your hands.

You will play a one player campaign in Open Imperium Galactica, where you will control your civilization while facing off against other species and civilizations that you will find in all corners of the galaxy.

Open Imperium Galactica is a real time 4X strategy game. Although its graphics are a bit old-fashioned, it provides you with a playing experience that is deeper and more complex than that of the majority of current strategy games.
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